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Our Mission at Dakota Plumbing Products is to consistently provide customers with products that have a “quality for life.” We strive to offer products that are better or equal to today’s competitive market. We are dedicated to delivering innovative products with high standards, quality and durability.

We feel that customer service is a key element in our success, so we always try to achieve and maintain the highest standard of service. All of these things are necessary to meet the demands of our changing markets.

With a wide selection of unique kitchen and bathroom accessories, including stainless steel sinks, vessel sinks, faucets, showers, vanities and bathroom accessories, you will find a choice for builders, designers and homeowners. Dakota Plumbing Products offer more then 120 styles and sizes. Our products are functional, comfortable and versatile with a clean finish. This makes your life in the kitchen and bathroom a more enjoyable one. With Dakota you get it all.